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Hi, I’m Daleen!

I am so happy to write for the blog at De Vieve! I have recently gone through a career changing transition, which has really grounded me and brought me back to my roots. I feel very strongly that De Vieve encourages people to find happiness in their lives and take the time to appreciate the little things. (This is my shameless support for a company that I started and that I love!)


Now onto my story!

As I said, I recently went through a career changing transition. By that I mean, I resigned! Oh, yes. I did the ultimate ‘no, no’ in the career world– I gave it up. I was on a straight path forward in my organization and worked tirelessly to get promotions, recognition, salary increases and all the amazing additions associated with that (an office with a window!). With each promotion, came more responsibility and more stress. I loved it! Or I thought I did… It wasn’t until I got a promotion to a division that was completely opposite in their business practices from what I was used to, that I realized I really didn’t love my job. It was more than just the location and the people, but the actual job itself.


I know a lot of you may not have an 8-5 style career, but I know that you can relate. Have you ever been at the point in your life or in your job where you actually stopped and asked yourself, “What am I really doing this for?”. Well, I got to that point. I felt like I was being tugged in multiple different directions:

  • Being a caring, devoted and involved mother (of two amazing children)
  • Being a happy, loving and consistent spouse (of one amazing husband)
  • Being a driven, innovative and strong leader (of one large multifaceted organization)
  • Being a good friend
  • Being a humanitarian
  • Being good to myself…

I felt like my job was sucking the life, the happiness and the motivation right out of me. That one aspect of my life started to blacken the other areas. I was short-tempered. I was coming home every day complaining. I didn’t want to do the simple things I always loved, like making dinner for instance, because I was completely drained. I physically and emotionally started to deteriorate. I never even realized how quickly it spiraled, until I took some time off of work. I had taken a couple of days of leave and just spent that time catching up on household chores, picking the kids up at ‘parent pick-up’, grocery shopping, and making dinner (from fresh food that I hadn’t previously prepared and froze, like I normally did). It was an incredible revelation and sensation of fulfillment. Fulfillment. What a word! Thanks to Webster’s for defining my feelings: ‘satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character’. I truly had not felt like I had fully developed my ability or character in so long, that I started to lose myself.

That was the point when I decided to make a change. Change is so scary, but it is necessary to grow and to explore your true path. I am not saying that anyone should quit their job, but for me it was the best option. I truly believe that when you know deep down how much something bothers you and you continue to ignore it or let it manifest into something else, you are injuring yourself. It’s amazing that we are our own worst critics when it comes to our looks, our personalities, or anything that is completely shallow, but when it comes to our true desires and needs, we just keep pushing through. Like many of you, I deprived myself of understanding, of perception and judgement. I was blind to what really mattered. So, when I finally realized that, and opened my eyes to the truth, I made the hardest decision of my life and I gave up my career.

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For many of you, this option is not feasible or realistic. For many of you, your fear or fear of the unknown is not worth it. For some of you and hopefully more of you than I even think, this has never been your feeling towards your life or career. If you fall into the latter category, like my wonderful loving husband, this experience very well may apply to something other than your career- a toxic relationship, an addiction, or maybe just a bad day. The point is that when something is not good for us, we need to change. Being good to ourselves and to our loved ones, means that we need to ensure we are happy and healthy.

After I resigned from my position, I decided to go on quest to figure out ‘what I want to do when I grow up’. I am on that journey and have made huge strides with De Vieve and with sharing my story. I invite you to come on my journey. I invite you to follow me and to see that even when we fail, that beautiful things can come of those failures. I invite you to experience ups and downs and truly feel emotions. I invite you to see that simple is sometimes better. I look forward to these experiences and I look forward to sharing them with all of you. After all, we are here in this great, big, beautiful world together.

Let our journey begin!


*Song pick for this post: Renegades by X Ambassadors

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